December 2, 2022
  • : Hello, and thanks for your reply! The thing is, it’s going on
    : Connects to one syslog server. But I don’t see good results led by such
    : “debug crypto ipsec” commands. The first one also shows nothing for the solution
    : and only telnet/ssh or syslog. Thank you if it is on your site
    :eek:any other ideas or comments.

    Here is the configuration I am facing on the 501 I am generating:

    Timestamp in log
    Buffered debug logging
    Improve debug logging
    History of debug logs
    Logging complex 21
    Number of logs per IP

    ‘log timestamp’ adds a log timestamp for the syslog.
    “The log has been buffered” for what is being displayedI’m up to “Show log”.
    “Logging Trap” is what was posted for Syslog.
    Oddly enough, the “log log” is what is sent for SNMP traps.
    The ‘log service’ is designed to maintain numbers for the system log.

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